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UCL Tournament Series 4 - March 17th, 2012

Kamiah Legion Hall - Kamiah, Idaho

Results courtesy of the Promoter

"DAMN! I don't know how to describe how these fights went down..." Said UCL Promoter Jesse Eller, "...It was a packed house and the energy of the crowd was crazy! Honestly it was hard at points to keep my mind on my work when the fights were that wild! There were so many highlights that it's going to take some serious time to cut it down to the best. These shows and the fighters competing on them just keep getting better and better and I see it continuing that way well into the future.".

The UCL have scheduled their next fight event for May 26th in Sandpoint, Idaho.

More info on this show and the promotion at UnifiedCombatLeague.com.

Bout 1 - Jauquin Tulee Defeats Jake Loomis
Bout 2 - Drew Whitfield Defeats Dylan Ellison
Bout 3 - Anthony Jones Defeats Nathan Blanchard
Bout 4 - Mathew Olson Defeats James Robinett
Bout 5 - John Parlet Defeats LJ Wyatt
Bout 6 - David Smith Defeats Dylan Snyder
Bout 7 - Rachael Moen Defeats Sarah McClish
Bout 8 - Eddy Suprun Defeats Connor Wolfe
Bout 9 - Ethan Hazan Defeats Christian Gulatta
Bout 10 - Anthony Capetillo Defeats Cody Haight
Bout 11 - Reece Urhausen Defeats Levi Wilson
Bout 12 - Michael Damon Defeats David Burgen
Bout 13 - Trent Webb Defeats Eddie Doescher
Bout 14 - Damion Clark Defeats Jessee Gengler
Bout 15 - Corey Roberts Defeats Devin Aguilar
Bout 16 - Alfred McClure Defeats Nakoda Dunham
Bout 17 - Andrew Black Defeats Jake Cooper

KO of the Night - Ethan Hazan
Submission of the Night - David Smith (Armbar)
Frenzy Award - Corey Roberts vs Devin Aguilar
Fight of the Night - Anthony Capetillo vs Cody Haight
Highlight of the Night - Drew Whitfield (Superman Punch)
Debut of the Night - Anthony Jones, John Parlet, Eddy Suprun,

Ethan Hazan, Reece Urhausen
Iron Man Awards - Joe Parlet, John Parlet, Eddy Suprun,

Connor Wolfe, Reece Urhausen
Hall of Shame - Felix Rodriquez, Rodney Yager, Joe Gaylord

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