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UCL Tournament Series 3 - February 11th, 2012

Kamiah Legion Hall - Kamiah, Idaho

Results courtesy of the Promoter

UCL Tournament Series 3 Exceeds Expectations

"These fights were INSANE! They had everything I could have asked for. Sick knockouts, huge slams, quick submissions, big upsets, the works!..." Said UCL Promoter Jesse Eller, "...I couldn't have been more proud of the debut guys, a few of which took fights on literally eight hours notice, and the crowd was rabid. The Heavyweight championship match up has been set and the match up is great! Otis Oatman is a BEAST at 330 lbs and he's come in stronger and stronger every fight. On the other hand Michael Peterson has close to ten fights without a loss and he's walked through everyone that's been put in front of him. A promoter's opinion on who they think is going to win should stay impartial with regards to the public but deep down everyone has their favorite. In this case though I just flat out have no idea who is going to win and that's all I could have hoped for in a championship match."


The next UCL show will be Tournament Series 4 in Kamiah, ID on St. Pattys day, March 17th. More info at UnifiedCombatLeague.com.

Bout 1 - Lane Schilling Defeats Jake Loomis (Youth Boxing)
Bout 2 - Levi Wilson Defeats David Burgin
Bout 3 - Harold Willie Defeats Michael Damon
Bout 4 - Tanner Weisgram Defeats David Smith
Bout 5 - Drew Whitfield Defeats Ruben Jennings
Bout 6 - Jessee Gengler Defeats Trent Webb
Bout 7 - Joseph Gaylord Defeats Shae French
Bout 8 - Cody Haight Scares Robert Kelly
Bout 9 - Nakoda Dunham Defeats Domonic Smith
Bout 10 - Scott Shumake Defeats Corey Roberts
Bout 11 - Dylan Snyder Defeats Donavan Crume
Bout 12 - Chaize Exkano Defeats Tucker Copeland
Bout 13 - Cliff Phelps Defeats Austin Burgess
Bout 14 - Michael Peterson Defeats Anthony Capetillo
Bout 15 - Robert Todd Defeats Andrew Black
Bout 16 - Otis Oatman Defeats Jerrod Rickman


Fight of the Night - Chaize Exkano Defeats Tucker Copeland
Submission of the Night - Tanner Weisgram - Armbar
Debut of the Night - Lane Schilling, Levi Wilson, Tanner Weisgram,

Dylan Snyder, Chaize Exkano
Comeback of the Night - Nakoda Dunham Defeats Domonic Smith
Hall of Shame - Robert Kelly - No show/No call,

Cleighton Broncheau - No show/No call

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