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Rumble at the Roseland 63 - May 19th, 2012

Roseland Theater - Portland, Oregon

Review & Interviews by Spaniard, Photos by Warren Anderson

Full Contact Fighting Federation's "Rumble at the Roseland" has long been a staple in the Portland community, no less so than the Trail Blazers, Voodoo Donuts, and the Rose Festival. And on May 19th, the FCFF held its 63rd fight night at the Roseland Theater to a packed house, with a truly stellar Mixed Martial Arts card full of talented amateur fighters from the around the Northwest. 14 amateur MMA fights took place inside "The Slammer", and included 3 title fights and 1 superfight.

The main event was the Heavyweight Championship between defending champion, Alive MMA's Nick Biron, and 503 West Coast Jiu Jitsu's Damion Martindale. This fight was over fast, ending in upsetting fashion for Martindale who felt he could have done more after the stoppage from the referee. Biron caught Martindale with a left hook and a clean two punch that sat him down fast, and the ref stopped it at 1:53 of Rd 1 for a TKO victory for Biron who is still the FCFF Heavyweight Champ.

The most talked about and heavily anticipated bout behind the scenes was the co-main event which was a rematch title bout between current FCFF lightweight champion, Sportslab fighter Will Hill, and challenger Clint Patterson from Team USA. The two had met once before in a previous championship bout where Patterson got the submission win. Leading up to this bout, Hill talked about how he was a much different fighter now from that previous fight. Yet, once the action began, it took only a 1:16 for Patterson to sink a deep rear naked choke and take the title away from the Hill to become the new FCFF 155 lb Champion.

In his first bout at 205 lbs, Jeremy Morse from 503 West Coast Jiu Jitsu came in with a solid game plan in facing Jordan Hinchman from All Heart Fight Team and he stuck to it, winning him the 205lb FCFF title. Morse came out punching his way to the takedown, and once he got it he landed ground and pound points which was key to getting the unanimous decision. He continuously got top position throughout the entire fight, never letting up until the bell sounded to end the bout. In the end, all three judges saw it his way, making Morse the new FCFF 205lb champion.

Team Quest standout, Tarrence Williams, came out with a huge crowd looking to see if his goose egg would stay. Backed by his wrestling prowess, William's fight game is getting better with every scrap. This time it was Williams' hands that took the fight to another level when he fought Grant Burger in a 170 lb Superfight and threw lightening fast punches that stunned Burger until Burger keeled over. Tarrence pounced on him and the referee stopped the match for Burger's safety at 1:06 in. Williams stays undefeated and moves on to the next fight. Afterwards, he talked to NWFS about the possibility of holding belts in two different weight classes.

Alive MMA's Kody "Crazy Legs" Hammond took on Next Level Martial Arts' Tyrell Pless in a bout that showed that patience is indeed a virtue in MMA. Hammond got the early takedown and started to work Pless on the ground, but Pless reversed him. Hammond stayed patient though and maneuvered Pless right into a Triangle Choke for the win at 2:14 in the very first round, getting the submission of the night. After the win Hammond spoke to NWFS in an exclusive interview about wanting a shot at the FCFF title.

The FCFF goes on the road for their next event on June 9th with "Cage Fights in Tillamook" at the Tillamook County Fairgrounds, before returning back to the Roseland Theater on July 21st with Rumble at the Roseland 64. Info at thefcff.com.

Bout 1 - 160 lbs
Abraham Campos (Pendleton) def Mark Duncan (Klamath Falls)

by KO @ 0:24 Rd 1

Bout 2 - 205 lbs
Bryan Cruz (Team Chaos) def Gary Larson (Woodburn OR)

by North-South Choke @ 0:43 Rd 1

Bout 3 - 160 lbs
Kody Hammond (Alive MMA) def Tyrell Pless (Next Level)

by Triangle Choke @ 2:14 Rd 1

Bout 4 - 185 lbs
Trevor Wesley (Alive MMA) def Shane Patterson (Woodinville WA)

by Rear Naked Choke @ 2:38 Rd 1

Bout 5 - Heavyweight
Jacob Mitchell (Team Quest) def Tanner Krahel (Aloha OR)

by Rear Naked Choke @ 1:08 Rd 1

Bout 6 - 155 lbs
Nathan Adams (Next Level) def Johnny Picard (Solid Base)

by Unanimous Decision

Bout 7 - 175 lbs
Daniel Dieringer (St Johns) def Ruben Heath (Alive MMA)

by Split Decision

Bout 8 - 185 lbs
John Boyles (Universal Fighters) def Ron Schroter (Mata Leao Combat Sports)

by Unanimous Decision

Bout 9 - Heavyweight
Elvis Garcia (Solid Base) def Richard Snyder (Hillsboro OR)

by Armbar @ 2:39 Rd 1

Bout 10 - 160 lbs
John Baker (The Barn) def Daniel Kemp (Solid Base)

by Rear Naked Choke @ 2:33 Rd 2

Bout 11 - 170 lb Superfight
Tarrence Williams (Team Quest) def Grant Burger (The Ludus)

by TKO @ 1:06 Rd 1

Bout 12 - 205 lb Championship
Jeremy Morse (503 WCJJ) def Jordan Hinchman (Alive MMA)

by Unanimous Decision

Bout 13 - 155 lb Championship
Clint Patterson (Team USA) def William Hill (Team Quest)

by Rear Naked Choke @ 1:16 Rd 1

Bout 14 - Heavyweight Championship
Nick Biron (Alive MMA) def Damion Martindale (503 WCJJ)

by TKO @ 1:53 Rd 1

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