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NW Fight Challenge XVI "Lights Out" - March 23rd, 2013

South Sound Sports Center - Tumwater, Washington

Results courtesy of Johnny Fights

Northwest Promotions presented NWFC XVI "Lights Out" on March 23rd in front of a packed house at the South Sound Sports Center in Tumwater WA. A total of 13 amateur bouts took place, 10 MMA & 3 kickboxing, which included 4 title bouts and a superfight. Brian Johnson Fight Team's Nick Ryan defeated Evolution FT's Woo Johnson in a 155 lb Kickboxing Title fight. Rude Awakening's Joe Briggs KO'd Jason Swan, and JD Cullens beat Matt Juarez in the two other kickboxing title fights. NW Elite Tacoma's Omar Petty KO'd Marquez Bryant at just 16 seconds into their 185 lb MMA title matchup, while in a 145 lb MMA Superfight, Thomas Pierce Jr beat Curtis Iglesias. More info on the NW Fight Challenge at www.bjohnsonkarate.com.

Bout 1 - 135 lb MMA
David Gines (BJJ of Tacoma) def Rocky Olsen by Armbar @ 1:20 Rd 1

Bout 2 - MMA
Marcus Mendoza (West Coast Fight Team) def

Brian Spears (Arsenal Combat Sports) by Decision

Bout 3 - MMA
Talon Hammons (West Coast Fight Team) def

Ryan Edwards (Brian Johnson Fight Team) by TKO @ 0:50 Rd 3

Bout 4 - 125 lb MMA
Hector Lopez (Yakima MMA) def Luis Gomez (Evolution Fight Team)

Bout 5 - MMA
Steve Pederson def Josh Cristelli (Brian Johnson's Fight Team) by Choke

Bout 6 - MMA
Josh Bean (Twin Dragons) def Bryan Reiser by Submission

Bout 7 - 145 lb MMA Superfight
Thomas Pierce Jr (Team Blackout) def Curtis Iglesias (Evolution Fight Team)

Bout 8 - MMA
Nick Coughran (NW Elite Tacoma) def Sefo Nansen (Brian Johnson's Fight Team)

Bout 9 - MMA
Julien Martin (Brian Johnson's Fight Team) def Armondo Best (Battleground MMA)

Bout 10 - Kickboxing Title
Joe Briggs (Team SSMA/Rude Awakening) def

Jason Swan (Brian Johnson's Fight Team) by KO

Bout 11 - 185 lb MMA Title
Omar Petty (NW Elite Tacoma) def Marquez Bryant (Crisis MMA)

by KO @ 0:16 Rd 1

Bout 12 - Kickboxing Title
J.D. Cullens (Brian Johnson Fight Team) def Matt Juarez (6 Feet Under)

Bout 13 - 155 lb Kickboxing Title
Nick Ryan (Brian Johnson Fight Team) def Woo Johnson (Evolution Fight Team)


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