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K.O.K. Fight Club presents "Battle at the Blue" - June 15th, 2012

Blue Mt. Casino - Walla Walla, Washington

Photos by Dennis Merritt / Big Guy Photography


Robbie Dodgin and the K.O.K. Fightclub presented "Battle at the Blue" in an outdoor event at the Blue Mountain Casino in Walla Walla WA on June 15th, with 13 amatuer fights taking place, including 2 title bouts. In the main event, Team IronMan's Eric Cronkhite submitted Team Damage's Tony Neal with a 3rd round armbar to win the K.O.K. 145 lb Title. Independent fighter Eric Johnson topped Team IronMan's Merrick Palmer for the 135 lb Title.


The next KOK FightClub event will be at the Blue Mt. Casino with Battle of the Blue 2 on July 14th. More info at facebook.com/KOKfightclub.

Bout 1 - 230 lbs
Troy Martin (0-2, Ind.- Walla Walla) def Adam Stout (Debut, Ind.- Walla Walla)

by TKO in Rd 1

Bout 2
Jeremy Barnett (Debut, Ind.- Walla Walla) def

Jared Jensen (Debut, Ind.- Walla Walla) by TKO (Ref Stoppage) in Rd 1

Bout 3 - 130 lbs
Dillion Cronkhite (3-0, Team IronMan) def Abraham Pena (0-2, Team Damage)

by Rear Naked Choke in Rd 1

Bout 4 - 155 lbs
BJ Sargent (Debut, Ind.- Walla Walla) def Cody Clarke (1-0, Team IronMan)

by Guillotine Choke in Rd 2

Bout 5 - 145 lbs
Keith Wolf (0-3, Team Damage) def Devin Dixon (1-4, KnockOutKingz)

by TKO in Rd 1

Bout 6 - 155 lbs
Keith Adams (0-1, Ind.- Walla Walla) def Kurtis Crump (2-5, Team Unleashed)

by TKO in Rd 2

Bout 7 - 145 lbs
Devin Barbour (2-1, Team IronMan) def Adrian Tello (Debut, Calhoon's Martial Arts)

by Triangle Choke in Rd 2

Bout 8 - 135 lbs
Camron Montgomery (2-8, KnockOutKingz) def

Andrew Rodriguez (Debut, Ind.- Walla Walla) by Decision

Bout 9
JP Allen (1-1, Team Unleashed) def Marc Thompson (Debut, Ind.- Walla Walla)

by Decision

Bout 10 - #1 Contender 155 lbs
Shawn Crump (6-9, Team Unleashed/KnockOutKingz) def

Jeff Coleman (3-3, Team IronMan) by Standing Guillotine Choke in Rd 1

Bout 11 - #1 Contender 170 lbs
Chris Crump (7-6, Team Unleashed/KnockOutKingz) def

Shaun Johnson (6-8, Ind.- Portland) in Rd 2

Bout 12 - 135 lb Title
Eric Johnson (6-3, Ind.- Walla Walla) def

Merrick Palmer (9-1, Team IronMan) in Rd 2

Bout 13 - 145 lb Title
Eric Cronkhite (5-1, Team IronMan) def Tony Neal (6-1, Team Damage)

by Armbar in Rd 3

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