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Cage Warrior Combat 4 - May 11th, 2013

The Point Casino - Kingston, Washington

Review by Hadley Griffith, Photos by Mike Renouard

Darrio Mobley connects enroute to a unanimous decision win over Carl Edwards

Cage Warrior Combat put on their 4th event at The Point Casino in Kingston WA on Saturday May 11th with 10 ammy and 6 pro fights on the card. Darrio Mobley and Carl Edwards were the main event of the evening, and both wanted the win. A very close fight of highly technical fighters, Edwards looked good on his feet - moving well, keeping ring control, and attempting takedowns without putting himself in danger or losing momentum. Mobley had a upright fighting style, but incredible reaction time that translated into head movement, range control, and takedown defense.

After repeatedly popping back to his feet after Edwards' takedown attempts, Mobley changed levels and attacked the double leg on Edwards. Edwards captured guard, Mobley passed to side control and was almost immediately stood up by the referee to the confusion of the crowd. Starting the second round, Mobley caught a kick and pulled Edwards into a clinch. Edwards took control of the clinch, slipped out and stepped back to unload a barrage of punches on Mobley. Mobley dove for the takedown and the two scrambled for a dominate position on the ground until the bell sounded. The third round opened with a single leg from Mobley who moved into mount, but Edwards fought him into guard. Edwards defended Mobley's ground and pound work - taking most of the power off any punches that made it through his defense, and worked to get back to his feet. Finally managing to stand up, Edwards was immediately taken back down by Mobley with 10 seconds left in the fight. Mobley rode out the time in side control and won the unanimous decision.

Fight of the Night was the all-out battle between pro debuter Amy "Lionheart" Cadwell and Cheryl "Kid Chaos" Chan. Cadwell did well walking Chan down on their feet, but it was Chan that was scoring the points standing. Cadwell would solve that problem by repeatedly taking Chan down.

In the first round, Chan was able to take the dominate position on the first ground interaction and cut Cadwell on the side of the head. After that, despite good attemtps at transitioning and some effective breaking-down by Chan, Cadwell took over on the ground. Riding extremely well and raining down punches and elbows, Cadwell was able to control the fight on the ground and took the second and third rounds to win a split decision victory in her first pro fight.

Leading off the six pro fights (so he could watch his fiance Amy Cadwell compete), was Dex Montenegro against Brett Boksa. Montenegro came out calm and composed, circling well and pawing everything that Boksa threw his way. Boksa finally landed a kick on the elusive Montenegro, which was all the invitation Montenegro needed. Montenegro would circle in, unload a combo that put Boksa on the cage wall, and circle back out to the center of the canvas. Boksa would walk in with punches that Montenegro would paw, move Boksa back to the wall with another combo, and reclaim the center.

After a couple minutes of this, Boksa shot in for the takedown, but Montenegro took his head and sunk in a guillotine as they went down. Boksa passed guard to defend the choke, so Montenegro posted up to his knees, then feet to get the angle to finish the guillotine - earning the tap at 4:02 of round 1.

The second pro fight of the night was a good match between two impressive fighters - Lonya Champion and Frankie Orr. Almost immediately, Orr accidentally took a huge kick to the groin that the referee missed, and fought valiantly to recover from it as Champion moved in and scrambled for position on the ground.

Orr worked to transition to a safe position, but Champion was able to shift to Orr's back when Orr went to stand up. Champion captured Orr's right arm and drove him face down to the mat, tearing at the shoulder lock. Orr was forced to tap repeatedly before the referee noticed and stepped in at 1:52 into round one.

Ken "The Athlete" Alexander and Mike Ross had a hard act to follow, fighting after the women's bout- grinding it out through all three rounds on the ground and sending it to the judges. Alexander would get the takedown and top postion on Ross - either in side control or half guard - and tried to break free of Ross's lockdown.

The last round Alexander was able to move into mount and land some elbows before the referee stood them back up. Ross looked to have an opportunity to finish when Alexander hit the mat, but Alexander wasn't hurt and took side control until they made their way back to their feet for the last 10 seconds of the fight. The decision went unanimously to Alexander.

Justin "Psycho" Larsson and Wes Golden set a hard and fast pace in their 170 lb bout, unleashing heavy hands on one another. Once they settled in to the exchanges, Larsson had the head movement advantage and was able to land more punches than he took. Both threw impressive knees in the clinch that didn't seem to slow them down.

Larsson was finally able to get a takedown on Golden, who was defending them well, and moved quickly into mount to keep Golden from popping back to his feet. Golden worked hard to move away from the cage wall, and tried to stand, but Larsson was relentless with his strikes and the referee jumped in and stopped the fight at 4:18 of the first round.

Knockout of the Night was in the amateur match-up between Dustin Winter and Jesse Barich. Winter dominated round one, getting the trip-takedown of Barich and riding his back for the rest of the round. Barich defended all rear naked choke attempts incredibly well, and stayed safe from the strikes that Winter tried to loosen him up with. Round two both showed off their hands with some combo exchanges before Winter got the takedown. Barich secured guard, and quickly regained it when Winter passed to half guard, but Winter showed how heavy his hands are when he knocked Barich out just a couple strikes into his ground and pound.

Taking the fight at a 140 lb catchweight at the very last minute, amateur Travis Gurno was still prepared and earned submission of the night, defeating Duncan Vance via armbar in the first round. Vance got the double leg and landed in Gurno's guard; Gurno reversed and defended Vance's guillotine, but got reversed in the process, finding himself back on the bottom with Vance in his guard. Instead of going for the reversal a second time, Gurno attacked the arm and got the armbar at 2:38.

Cage Warrior Combat is back at The Point Casino June 8th with CWC 5 that will feature another evening of Pro/Am MMA action. More at cagewarriorcombat.com.

Bout 1- 145 lb Amateur MMA
Shaun Eastman (American Combat Academy) def Thomas Pierce (GUMMA)
by TKO @ 1:11 Rd 2

Bout 2- 145 lb Amateur MMA
Jessie Nutting (Livewire MMA) def AJ Cobb (Roughhouse MMA)
by Guillotine Choke @ 1:07 Rd 2

Bout 3- 195 lb Amateur MMA
James Davis (Ivan Salaverry MMA) def Keith Boe (CageworX MMA)
by TKO (ground&pound) @ 1:55 Rd 1

Bout 4- 140 lb Amateur MMA
Travis Gurno (Roughhouse MMA) def Duncan Vance (Livewire MMA)
by Armbar @ 2:38 Rd 1

Bout 5- Amateur Heavyweight MMA
Mat Afalava (Independent) def Cody Sutherland (Roughhouse MMA)
by TKO (Punches) 0:38 Rd 2

Bout 6- Amateur 155 MMA
Nick Coughran (NW Elite) def Kevin Butler (Arlington Kickboxing Academy)
by Guillotine Choke @ 1:58 Rd 1

Bout 7- Amateur 185 MMA
Ardany Mora (White Buffalo Warriors) def Brandon Reed (Livewire MMA)
by TKO (ground&pound) @ 1:00 Rd 2

Bout 8- Amateur 155 MMA
Jake Blaski (CageworX MMA) def Mike Redburg (American Combat Academy)
by Technical Submission (Ref Stoppage - Armbar) @ 1:46 Rd 1

Bout 9- Amateur 185 MMA
Nate Cook (White Buffalo Warriors) def Omar Petty (NW Elite)
by TKO (Fighter did not answer bell) before Rd 2

Bout 10- Amateur 145 MMA
Dustin Winter (White Buffalo Warriors) def Jesse Barich (Team Evolution)
by KO (punch) @ 1:12 Rd 2

Bout 11- Pro 145 MMA
Dex Montenegro (White Buffalo Warriors) def Brett Boksa (Livewire MMA)
by Guillotine Choke @ 4:02 Rd 1

Bout 12- Pro 170 MMA
Lonya Champion (Roughhouse MMA) def Frankie Orr (Base Fit Mass)
by Shoulder Lock @ 1:52 Rd 1

Bout 13- Pro 125 MMA
Amy Cadwell (White Buffalo Warriors) def Cheryl Chan (Mendoza Martial Arts)
by Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Bout 14- Pro 205 MMA
Ken Alexander (Arlington Kickboxing Academy) def Mike Ross (Ivan Salaverry MMA)
by Unanimous Decision

Bout 15- Pro 170 MMA
Justin Larsson (Twin Dragons MMA) def Wes Golden (Team Evolution)
by TKO (ground&pound) @ 4:18 Rd 1

Bout 16- Pro 185 MMA
Darrio Mobley (Alive MMA) def Carl Edwards (Full Circle Fight Club)
by Unanimous Decision

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