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COGA 55 Rumble on the Ridge - May 20th, 2017
Snoqualmie Casino - Snoqualmie, Washington

Recap and photos by Hadley Griffith

Nathan Strening connects with a spinning kick at COGA 55 Rumble on the Ridge

Combat Games MMA presented COGA 55 Rumble on the Ridge at the Snoqualmie Casino Saturday May 20th and the crowd witnessed some amazing amateur and pro action, featuring some of the best fighters from across the region. In the main event, Andy Nigretto and Joey Pierotti fought for the 170 lb title in a bout that had the crowd chanting for their favorite. Pierotti kept it on the ground and away from Nigretto’s heavy-handed stand-up. Pierotti was able to open up a cut over Nigretto’s left eye, leaving the mat and both fighters bloody. Nigretto fought off Pierotti’s ground attacks well through the first round, and was able to transition to a top position briefly in the second round before Pierotti was able to put Nigretto on his back. Pierotti sunk in the arm triangle and got the tap and 4:21 of round two, taking home the belt. Pierotti remains undefeated with a 6-0 record, while Nigretto suffers his first pro loss.

The Submission of the Night was a rear naked choke finish by Tycen Lynn over Steve Lantry in their Co-main Event 125 lb Pro matchup. The two men had a battle on the feet and the ground, with Oregon’s Lantry showing some incredible grappling skills - especially his ability to escape submissions. Lantry was able to fight out of an extremely tight triangle put on by Lynn. Lantry was winning on the feet with his more accurate strikes, but Lynn stayed composed and engaged in the stand-up. Back on the ground, Lynn kept working and looking for submissions until he finally worked in a rear naked choke for the win late in round two. Lynn improves his pro record to 3-1 with the win.

Chris Vasil chopped down Edson Penado’s lead leg in their pro 155 lb battle. Vasil, the shorter fighter, used his kicks to negate the reach advantage of Penado. In the second round, Penado found a home for his jab and was able to upset Vasil’s rhythm for most of the round, punishing Vasil for every leg kick. By the third, Penado’s lead leg was severely damaged, slowing Penado’s striking and taking the power off his jabs. Penado was still able to land a few good right hands, but Vasil never let up on his relentless kick attacks, earning the unanimous decision from the judges. Vasil moves to 2-0 as a pro with the win.

Chase Hooper captured a standing guillotine against Garul Sahota to capture the COGA MMA Amateur 155 lb belt. Sahota closed the distance looking for a takedown, Hooper clinched up and ate a few punches to the face before Sahota went after Hooper’s legs again. Hooper grabbed the guillotine and used his height to leverage the choke into a vice grip on Sahota’s neck, earning the tap 53 seconds in.

COGA MMA Amateur 155 lb Champion Johnson Nasona had his original opponent get injured and be replaced on short notice byTony McCorkindale. The far more experienced Nasona came out slowly, wanting to see what McCorkindale was going to do, and let him direct the fight. McCorkindale wanted to go to the ground, so Nasona claimed top position and picked his punches. McCorkindale tried to escape, but Nasona stayed with him and landed a few great shots, forcing the ref to step in and stop the fight at 2:36 of the first. Nasona is a winner of 13 straight amateur bouts.

In the COGA MMA heavyweight title fght, Sua Tuani and Dalton Duperreault showed the crowd that heavyweights can move around like 170 lb fighters. Duperreault was able to pick Tuani completely off the ground multiple times and bring the fight to the mat. Tuani fought off the first submission attempt, but was unable to slip out of the armbar that got Duperreault the tap in Rd 2.

In an amateur 185 lb contest, Bruce Slattum utilized his reach advantage against Aaron Ibanez, but Ibanez was a game opponent and stayed in the fight until the second round, where he succumbed to Slattum’s strikes, prompting the ref to step in.

Lupita Godinez and Liz Tuani went the distance in their 125 lb amateur kickboxing match. Tuani was the aggressor, always moving forward and landing punches and kicks. Godinez was definitely a counter-striker, answering every kick with one of her own, and throwing a series of punches to Tuani’s one or two punch combos. Godinez had some power in her hands. but couldn’t stop Tuani. The judges awarded the fight to Godinez in a unanimous decision.

Nathan Strening utilized some spinning wheel kicks in his amateur 135 lb fight against Luiz Sanchez, but could never drop the tough Sanchez. The two traded kicks and strikes on the feet and ground for the full three rounds, sending it to the judges who unanimously agreed that Nathan Strening was the winner.

Darren Laughlin wanted a fast fight judging by how he came out in his ammy 170lb bout against Rayne Wells. Laughlin rained down strikes on Wells until the ref called the fight in round one.

COGA 56 is scheduled for July 15th at The Point Casino in Kingston WA. COGA MMA returns to the Snoqualmie Casino on July 22nd with COGA 57 'Rumble on the Ridge'. More information at

COGA 55 Rumble on the Ridge - May 20th 2017 Results
Bout 1 - Amateur 185 lbs
Bruce Slattum (C3) def Aaron Ibanez (Northshore MMA / MABJJ)
by TKO in Rd 2

Bout 2 - Amateur 125 lb Kickboxing
Lupita Godinez (Titan MMA) def Liz Tuani (Six Feet Under)
by Unanimous Decision

Bout 3 - Amateur 135 lbs
Nathan Strening (Northshore MMA) def Luis Sanchez (Bellingham MMA)
by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Bout 4 - Amateur 170 lbs
Darren Laughlin (Quetzal MMA) def Rayne Wells (Bellngham MMA)
by TKO in Rd 1

Bout 5 - COGA MMA Amateur Heavyweight Title
Dalton Duperreault (Titan MMA) def Sua Tuani (Six Feet Under)
by Armbar in Rd 2

Bout 6 - COGA MMA Amateur 155 lb Title
Chase Hooper (Combat Sport & Fitness) def Garul Sahota (Mamba MMA)
by Standing Guillotine Choke @ 0:56 Rd 1

Bout 7 - COGA MMA Amateur 145 lb Title
Johnson Nasona (Northshore MMA) def Tony McCorkindale (Redneck Militia)
by TKO (Ref Stoppage - Strikes) @ 2:36 Rd 1

Bout 8 - Pro 155 lbs
Chris Vasil (C3) def Edson Penado (Quincy MMA)
by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Bout 9 - Pro 125 lbs
Tycen Lynn (C3) def Steve Lantry (Independent)
by Rear Naked Choke @ 3:12 Rd 2

Bout 10 - COGA MMA Pro 170 lb Title
Joey Pierotti (Combat Sport & Fitness) def Andy Nigretto (Orcas Island MMA)
by Arm Triangle @ 4:21 Rd 2

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