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Absolute Chaos - February 4th, 2012

Landmark Convention Center - Tacoma, Washington

Photos by Mike Renouard

Bryan Jones Jr and the Absolute Chaos crew held their first fight event on February 4th in Tacoma, with a lineup of 8 amateur fights: 5 kickboxing, 2 MMA, & 1 Muay Thai bout. The action took place inside the Plaza Grand Ballroom of the old Temple Theater and the intimate setting was perfect for a solid night of fights. For their inagural show, Absolute Chaos had two special guests on hand. The legendary Professional Marcelo Alonso, who was recently promoted to 5th degree BJJ Black Belt by the IBJJF, and Master Saohin Srisuk, who is a former 2 time S-1 Muay Thai Champion and 4 time Pan Asian Boxing Champion.


Saving the best fight for last, the main event was the fight of the night as Israel Velasco and Bo Reedus battled it out for the 220 lb Heavyweight Kickboxing title. These two big men came out firing from the get-go and it was plain to all that both had plenty of power behind their punches. Reedus landed late in the first with a small flurry that had Velasco looking in trouble but the bell saved him. In the 2nd, Velasco found Reedus' head with a solid punch off the clinch that send Reedus to the canvas. Later in the round, a nice back kick to the chest stunned Reedus and allowed Velasco to come in to land a vicious uppercut that again sent Reedus to the mat. Both times, Reedus beat the 10 count. In the 4th round, Reedus came out and had Velasco backpedaling and visibly stunned from a nice combo. Velasco recovered quickly though and found Reedus' head once again from short range, this time was the charm as Reedus was unable to rise from the canvas before referee Aric Wiseman counted him out for the Knockout at 1:49 of the 4th.


A very close 2nd for the fight of the night was the spirited 145 lb Kickboxing matchup between Victor Barajas & Brandon Boroff. The fighters wasted no time in throwing kicks and punches with Boroff getting the best of the first round with Barajas. The 2nd and 3rd rounds did not slack in intensity as both combatants pressed their case but it was Barajas who was the more accurate in connecting with his punches and the fight went his way with the judges after 3 rounds.


Taki Uluillakepa and Joe Berach had a good one going in a pretty even 175 lb Muay Thai matchup but, unfortunately for Berach, an early cut over his eye forced the ref call a timeout and the ringside physician deemed it too dangerous to continue and the fight was stopped at 2:21 of the first. In 190 lb MMA, Kevin Schumaker had too much power for Jason Ryan and the fight was stopped before the 3rd round.


In a 165 lb MMA matchup, Garrett Rietz locked on a tight triangle choke that Salem Njoku tried punching out of before eventually tapping to the submission at 2:41 of the 1st. Hadley Griffith beat Gabbi Maxwell via a 2nd round TKO in their 125 lb Kickboxing fight, by effectively utilizing her jab that had Maxwell frustrated to the point of losing her cool which she did unfortunately. Enough said.


Tim Lewis beat Neil Anderson via unanimous decision in a 155 lb kickboxing bout, and young Kyle Sim and Nico Crosone opened the night with a kids kickboxing exhibition.


Absolute Chaos II is scheduled for June 9th at the Landmark Convention Center. Learn more about Abolute Chaos on their Facebook page.

Bout 1 - 66 lb Exhibition Kickboxing
Kyle Sem (Southsound Martial Arts)

vs Nico Crosone (MABJJ & Team Srisuk/Jones Jr Muay Thai)



Bout 2 - 155 lb Kickboxing
Tim Lewis (West Coast Fight Team) def Neil Anderson (Southsound Martial Arts)

by Unanimous Decision


Bout 3 - 125 lb Kickboxing
Hadley Griffith (Brian Johnson's Kickboxing) def Gabbi Maxwell (Ind)

by TKO (Corner threw in towel) In Rd 2


Bout 4 - 165 lb MMA
Garrett Rietz (MABJJ & Team Srisuk/Jones Jr Muay Thai)

def Salem Njoku (Ethnic Fights MMA) by Triangle Choke @ 2:41 Rd 1


Bout 5 - 175 lb Muay Thai
Taki Uluillakepa (MABJJ & Team Srisuk/Jones Jr Muay Thai)

def Joe Berach (Southsound MA) by TKO (Cut) @ 2:21 Rd 1


Bout 6 - 190 lb MMA
Kevin Schumaker (NW Elite) def Jason Ryan (Team Evolution)

by TKO (Fighter unable to continue) bef Rd 3


Bout 7 - 145 lb Kickboxing
Victor Barajas (AKA) def Brandon Boroff (MABJJ & Team Srisuk/Jones Jr Muay Thai)

by Unanimous Decision


Bout 8 - 220 lb Heavyweight Title Fight
Israel Velasco def Bo Reedus ((MABJJ & Team Srisuk/Jones Jr Muay Thai)

by KO @ 1:49 Rd 4

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